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Żeberka duszone po meksykańsku

Mexican ribs

Żeberka duszone po meksykańsku

Mexican ribs ready. Really at most a’la mexican, especially, the more so given with potatoes and spices not really in full Mexican, for example instead of Roman cumin i gave ground cumin. But the conditions are little bit fields and i am not professional chef. I would like to add this recipe is my, i created it.
Mexican ribs – composition:

✓ 1kg of meat ribs
✓ 1 can of red bean(400g)
✓ small can of corn (140g)
✓ 3 or 2 medium red onion
✓ 3-4 cloves of garlic
✓ spices: ground cumin, jalapeno pepper, sweet smoked pepper, hot pepper, chilli pepper cayenne, bear’s garlic, salt.

Mexican stewed ribs – preparation:

Wash the ribs, carve out fat (unless you like greasy), divide into smaller portions, cover with spices on each side – Mexican cuisine should be spicy and highly aromatic, so I used up the whole jalapeño packet, and others did not regret it either – and put it aside 3 hours to a cold room. You can prepare the day before, the meat will pass more spice. In the meantime, you can cut the onion, glaze and for a literally 2 minutes, add finely chopped garlic, drain off the fat. Then pour into the pot with ribs a glass of water, rinse the meat from spices and drain well, for example on a paper towels – do not pour off water with spices !!! After draining the ribs,very quick fry on each side on hot fat,for the meat to change color, max. 30 seconds on each side.That fried the put it back into the pot, pour the water from to the beans, as the meat still protrudes a lot above the water, add some water, add the onion with garlic. Simmer under cover for 1 hour. After an hour the ribs will be soft and you can add beans and corn, cook for a few minutes. If the sauce turns out to be too rare, take off the lid and cook for several minutes until some of the water evaporates.
Enjoy. 🙂

Translation: Piotr Kostański

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